The Soul number is very different from the life path number and the destiny number. The life number is calculated by the individual’s date of birth and destiny number is calculated by the birth name of the person. whereas the soul number is calculated by the individual’s internal wishes. But it is called as the heart desire. So, the soul number calculator is discussed as a personal nature to every person. However, the soul number would give an individual a true sense of contentment and his well-being heart desires and also the cravings would be fulfilled. Below are the steps in how to calculate Soul Number.

How to Calculate Soul Number

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You would have found what is soul number but you do not know how to calculate it. According to Pythagorean numerology, your soul number is derived from the letters in your name. But when you want to calculate the soul urge number you will have to use vowels.

Why are Vowels Used to Calculate Soul Number?

Every person have a definitive beginning or end and also they have god pronunciation which considered as the containers of how we express or represent the personality and traits to the outside world. Whereas the vowels on the other hand are pronounced out of free-flowing breath which is comprised of air, spirit as well as formless, timeless essence which is more important than the internal perspective.

How to calculate Soul Number: Important Steps

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Step 1: try to eliminate all consonants present in your full name and make sure you are left with vowels only.

Step2: take the value given to each vowel A, E, I,O, U which is assigned as 1,5,9,6 and 3 respectively and then add the numbers together which gives the sum that is reduced to single digit.

Putting it Together

At last, reducing the number to a single digit which lies between 1 and 9 or stopping calculations when your summation is a master number. The main difference is that the soul number calculator considers vowels only and Y in case if your name has the letter Y and it meets Hans Decoz’s criteria.

Now that you have got to know about the soul number calculator and it is time to take the next step and find out what your soul number will say about your heart desires.  Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to calculate Soul Number. Thanks for reading!