Numerology is often defined in many different ways. It is always believed that numbers play a very critical role in our life. Numerology is considered as understanding the science of numbers which are believed to be connected with our life. It’s a psychic art of figuring how numbers can influence our life and future.

Numerology is based on the Pythagoras formula and is often considered as a more scientific approach to understanding numbers and their influence on life. By deciphering and understanding the hidden meaning and symbolisms, one can easily gauge insights into a person’s past, present and future.

In numerology the basic cycle of number sequence is from 1 to 9, (0 is not taken into account). Each number represents certain characteristics and traits of human beings. The study of numerology appears to be quite straight forward but that’s not the case. One has to dedicate a lot of time and study the concepts before he can consider himself as a numerologist. These concepts can only be perfected with time and experience. Understanding these concepts, numerologist develops the ability to calculate our life path number which is one of the most important concepts in numerology.

Each letters in numerology has a numeric value which relates to a sequence and a pattern of vibrations and energies. Like the law of nature states that everything in life is a vibration. Just like sound even our thoughts create vibration. Whatever occurs in your life is because it relates to the vibration in our thoughts.

Each number has its own meaning that affects your decision making. You will notice and find these numbers have already started to play a crucial role in a way you live your life in present.

We human beings go through a lot of ups and downs in our life and there are situations where one looses hope. Instead, of fighting with your destiny it is better to deal with your life the way it is. In this situation we human beings often look for answers and approaching a good numerologist wouldn’t be a harmful option. They can exactly explain you how your cosmic energies are affecting you and will provide you with the best solution to tackle with your problems. It is better to know your favorable and unfavorable numbers from your numerologist. It’s advisable that you do most of your important work in life on these lucky dates.