The workings of numerology are simple to understand and fun to learn. Since names are composed of letters, and letters are alphabetical in nature, they need to be affixed a numerical value so as to qualify in numerology. There is a very distinct pattern in how the alphabetical order is paired to numbers between one and nine. This creates a pattern that in turn shows how related numerology is to mathematics. Both are sciences based on numbers and number patterns only that one is based on facts and the other leans more toward belief in what the numbers mean.

The term “fact” in this article should be taken loosely to mean the obvious. For instance when we multiply one and two, it is a fact that we will get two. Belief on the other hand means that the number nine stands for fortune. This explains the differences between mathematics as a branch in science and numerology as a branch of astrology.

Numerology employs a pattern of combining numbers obtained from using the known method of pairing alphabets to numbers to come up with prime numbers that can be used to explain three aspects namely expression, life path and soul urge. These numbers are then compared to a list that gives a meaning to each digit explaining aspects in different areas of your life be it career wise, relationship wise or financially.

When you need to know the number of your life path, you will need to sum up the numbers that appear in your full date of birth, that is the day, month and year that you were born. If it is your expression that you want to know, then you sum up the corresponding numbers to your name to find the prime digit. This single number represents your expression. Your expression means the abilities and the talents that you naturally possess.

Deciding to delve into the field of numerology might be fired by an observation that you may have had in your life. For example, many numerologists claim that they have gone through difficult lives before finding answers to their many questions in numerology. It is believed that other people are naturally drawn to anything that carries mystical aura around it for example the psychics. Some numerologists fall in this category too. Whatever works for you, if your heart is at ease then you must be in the right place.

In summary, numerology is an intriguing field and books have been written to give guidance in exploring this haven for the lovers of numerical patterns. It is a pastime for some people and a full-time job for others. It can also act as a safe haven for the troubled especially the journey from discovery of the causal factors to working answers. Fascination with numbers can lead you to become an expert at numerology or the science of numerology can satisfy your curiosity and give you a reason to smile.